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    Facts About Katie Piper Attacker Stefan Sylvestre, Wife, & Hunt

    Stefan Sylvestre
    Stefan Sylvestre

    Stefan Sylvestre is identified as the man who attacked TV presenter, charity CEO, and author, Katie Piper with acid in 2008 after he was contracted by her ex-partner, Daniel Lynch to carry out the assault on his behalf.

    Stefan is from Shepherd’s Bush, West London, and is now being hunted by the police for breaching his license condition.

    He was sentenced to life in 2009 after he carried out the attack however he was told to serve a minimum of six years before he would be eligible for parole hence he was released in 2018 when he was 30 years on license

    Why was Stefan Sylvestre recalled?

    At the time of Stefan Sylvestre’s release, the Parole Board Officer said, “He displayed empathy for the victim and expressed remorse and shame for his actions” and also repaired his relationship with his family.

    However, the authorities say they’ve recalled him to prison but are unable to locate him. According to the Probation Service, they are working hard alongside officers to find Stefan Sylvestre, “We are urgently working with the police to bring the offender back to prison, where he’ll face longer behind bars.”

    What happened to Katie Piper?

    Following the attack, Katie Piper suffered horrific injuries which left a permanent scar.

    She was left to fight for her life and not only severe burns, but sight loss in one eye and also went for multiple surgeries.

    Meanwhile, Katie Piper’s jealous ex-boyfriend, Daniel Lynch also received a lifelong sentence in 2009 and was ordered to serve 16 years for orchestrating the attack

    Who is Stefan Sylvestre’s wife?

    Stefan Sylvestre is married to a single mom identified as Danielle Burke under Sharia law by phone from Highpoint Prison in Suffolk

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