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    Who is Mike Tyson’s daughter, Exodus Tyson? What Caused her death?

    Exodus Tyson

    Exodus Tyson is a popular name in the Tyson family. She was the youngest daughter of one of the world’s best boxers of all time, Mile Tyson, and his ex-girlfriend, Sol Xochitl. Sadly, she passed away after her neck was tangled in a treadmill. 

    Exodus Tyson was born in March 2005 in the United States of America. Exodus Tyson is a Muslim by religion and of African descent. Mike’s daughter is also an American by nationality. She was by neighbors as a vivacious girl who never stopped helping her parents.

    Exodus used to ride her bicycle and play with her buddies from one house to the next. She has six other siblings who are very much alive; their names are Miguel Leon Tyson, Amir Tyson, Morocco Tyson, Mikey Lorna Tyson, Rayna Tyson, and Milan Tyson.

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    What Caused Exodus Tyson’s Death?

    Exodus Tyson, the daughter of Mike Tyson, tragically passed unexpectedly at the age of four, severely shattering the former heavyweight champion’s life. She died as a result of a treadmill tangling around her neck. Everyone wept upon her passing.

    Mike Tyson Daughter

    The legendary boxer’s daughter, Exodus Tyson is recorded to have passed away when she was four years of age after she was tangled in a treadmill. Her death really broke the heart of her parents’ most especially, her father, Mile Tyson.

    What Happened To Exodus Tyson?

    Exodus previously resided in Phoenix with her mother. Her mother was playing in the playroom and cleaning the house on the day of the accident.

    Later, after Sol Xochitl has sent Miguel to watch over Exodus, he discovers his sister entangled around her neck and promptly contacts his mother.

    Then Sol immediately cut the wire, dialled 911, and started her own life-saving procedures. She remained unresponsive when the police arrived, though. She was kept on life support after being eventually transported to St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center. Sadly, she passed away on 26th May 26, 2009. Police later concluded that her death was an awful accident.

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