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    Elizabeth Shatner: Biography, Family, Marriage, Age, Career

    elizabeth shatner

    Elizabeth Joyce Anderson, also known as Elizabeth Shatner was born in the United States on December 30, 1958. She is 62 years old today. Elizabeth has her ancestry from England. She is an American citizen. While growing up, Elizabeth had an extreme passion for riding horses. Then fast forward at the age of five, as little as Elizabeth, she was already good at riding on the back of a horse. When she was about 14, Elizabeth decided to be a horse trainer.

    Elizabeth is such a secretive and intelligent young lady who has managed to keep out details about her parents and other family members and anything about them from the public eye. She also has high value for her privacy hence, her actions.

    Elizabeth is an alumna of Purdue University which is located in West Lafayette, Indiana in the United States. Elizabeth graduated with a degree in equine and animal science. Unluckily, nothing about her lower and upper education is available on the internet today. Maybe somewhere in the future.

    Summary Profile Of Elizabeth Shatner

    Name: Elizabeth Joyce Anderson

    Date Of Birth: December 30, 1958

    Age: 62 (2021)

    Place of Birth: United States

    Nationality: American

    Ex-Husbands: Michael Glenn Martin and William Shatner

    Profession: Horse trainer, philanthropist, equine and animal scientist, etc

    Height: 6 feet 9 inches

    Weight: 65kg

    Elizabeth Shatner’s Physique

    Elizabeth Shatner has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs about 65kg. She also has blonde hair and beautiful sets of blue eyes.

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    Elizabeth Shatner’s Marriage

    william-and-elizabeth-shatner-5-things-to-know-divorce-rex-ftr Elizabeth Shatner: Biography, Family, Marriage, Age, Career

    Elizabeth Shatner is currently divorced. The 62-year-old has been in two solid marriages that seemed to not have worked out as she wanted. In detail, between 19th November 1983 and August 3, 1997, Elizabeth was married to Mr. Michael Glenn Martin. Elizabeth’s marriage met its fall after the death of her husband, Michael Glenn Martin. She then became a widow until she finally met the love of her life and remarried William Shatner, a Canadian actor on February 13, 2001. At that time, issues popped up that seem to worryingly disturb the peace of her marriage.

    This was because Elizabeth was about 26 years younger than William Shatner. Even though the drag and disturbances, nothing from the public changed her feeling for William. The couples really enjoyed their marriage life decades before the marriage also met its end in 2019. The Canadian actor, William Shatner filed for a divorce from his wife, Elizabeth Shatner. Finally, somewhere in 2020, the two completely divorced officially and parted ways. Their separation indeed came as a surprise to their followers and the entire public. Strangely, Elizabeth never gave birth in both marriages.

    6002869226_5e1a677cda_b Elizabeth Shatner: Biography, Family, Marriage, Age, Career

    Just recently, Elizabeth and William were spotted together at his 90th birthday party. At this point, it seemed that the two, despite their differences, still hold on to each other, which is good. To this point, it is factual to believe that, neither Elizabeth nor William engaged in any external affairs outside the comfort of their homes but rather, the reasons for which they divorced are best known to themselves.


    About William Shatner’s Previous Marriage Before Wedding Elizabeth

    846 Elizabeth Shatner: Biography, Family, Marriage, Age, Career

    William Shatner was first married to Gloria Rand from 1956 – 1969. They had three children before their marriage collapsed. He went on to marry Marcy Lafferty whom he spent his life with from year 1973 – 1996. After their marriage failed to work, he never gave up, he went on and married Nerine Kidd in 1997.

    At that time, Nerine Kidd was a known model with some huge addiction to drugs. Sadly on 9th August 1999, Nerine Kidd drowned in a pool that caused her death. The death of Nerine significantly affected Willaim Shatner but he was lucky to have been helped to battle and Overcome the circumstance by Leonard Nimoy.

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    Elizabeth Shatner’s Net Worth

    Elizabeth Shatner is estimated to have a net worth of $5million. It is alleged that a wholesome part of her wealth was made from her two marriages thus. with Michael Glenn and William Shatner.


    Elizabeth Shatner’s Career

    william-shatner-divorce-horse-semen-scaled Elizabeth Shatner: Biography, Family, Marriage, Age, Career

    Elizabeth Shatner graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Equine and Animal Science. Just after University, Elizabeth became a horse trainer and an equine judge.

    Elizabeth Shatner Documentaries and TV Shows like;

    • True Hollywood Story in 2002
    • Life Beyond Trek in 2004
    • Balls Of Steel in 2008
    • Gonzo Ballet in 2009
    • American Pickers’ in 2011
    • Howard Stern on Demand in 2012
    • The Captains in 2012 and
    • The Shatner Project in 2014.

    Elizabeth and her ex-husband, William also used to run a charity that was called Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

    Elizabeth’s Awards & Honors

    uGaBb6pO_400x400 Elizabeth Shatner: Biography, Family, Marriage, Age, Career

    In her career, Elizabeth, due to her commitment and dedication towards the horse riding sphere, she has been honored and awarded with a WHINNY. Additionally, she is also a very active member of the panel of judges and holds about 7 judges’ cards. In 2011, Elizabeth raced up as the top three participants during the World Champion Horse Show. Amazingly, her story gets interesting and inspirational each day.

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