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    Elan Ruspoli Net Worth, Bio, Age, Education, Family, Career, Wife

    Elan Ruspoli Net Worth

    Elan Ruspoli was born in Beverly Hills, California in the United States of America on 17th August 1985. Elan Ruspoli is world known to be the husband of Jacqueline MacInnes, the popular American actress. He is a very hardworking man who has worked with Creative Artist Agency in California since he graduated from the university in 2007. He has an interesting life growing up according to his lifestyle but unfortunately, in-depth details about his childhood or family are currently not available on the internet.


    Summary Profile

    Name: Elan Ruspoli

    Date of Birth: 17th August 1985

    Age: 36 as of 2021

    Place Of Birth: Beverly Hills, California, United States of America

    Nationality: American

    Weight: 80kg

    Height: 5 feet and 10 inches

    Education: Beverly Hills High School and University of Southern California

    Occupation: Talent Agent

    Work Place: Creative Artist Agency

    Net Worth: $1million

    Gender: Male

    Marital Status: Married

    Wife: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

    Children: Lexis Ruspoli and Rise Harlen

    Still Married: Yes


    Elan Ruspoli Education

    Elan Ruspoli attended Beverly Hills High School. After, he went ahead and attended the University of Southern California and finally graduated in the year, 2007.

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    Elan Ruspoli Physique

    Elan Ruspoli is a fine man with a very good-looking body. He has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. He also weighs 80kg. Elan has a set of beautiful white teeth, brown colored eyes, and dark brown hair.


    Elan Ruspoli Marriage

    jacqueline-elan-jj-scaled Elan Ruspoli Net Worth, Bio, Age, Education, Family, Career, Wife

    Elan Ruspoli married his wife, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood in 2018 in August. Elan and Jacqueline began their romantic relationship journey somewhere in November 2017 and got married a year after. Their wedding was attended by the couple’s family and friends. Since their marriage, the two have loved a successful life. Elan Ruspoli and Jacqueline MacInnes had their first child who’s a boy in March 2019, a year after their wedding. His name is Rise Harlen. Then in February 2021, the couple again, welcomed their second child, also a boy who is named Lenix.


    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

    GettyImages-1147257188 Elan Ruspoli Net Worth, Bio, Age, Education, Family, Career, Wife

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is an American actress, a singer, and a disk jockey (D.J). Her role as Steffi in Bold and Beautiful movie won her the public’s attention and had a lot of people praising her talent. Through her successful film productions, Jacqueline was awarded the Emmy Award nomination for the outstanding young actress category in one of the most talked-about TV drama series. Jacqueline has been featured in a number of films such as

    • Party On
    • Her Husband’s Betrayal
    • Final Destination 5
    • Bold and Beautiful.

    As said above, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood also works as a singer and a disk jockey. She released her first-ever single track titled ‘After Hours‘ which was released in the year, 2014. She has had successful singles and films out in the markets. Then in 2018, her path met with Elan Ruspoli whom she married and is married to date. Jacqueline has two sons with Elan Ruspoli. Their names are Lenix and Rise Harlen.


    Elan Ruspoli Career

    141c2f1b23972c63 Elan Ruspoli Net Worth, Bio, Age, Education, Family, Career, Wife

    Just after Elan Ruspoli graduated from the University of Southern California, he was employed by the Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles. At his workplace, he was involved in the making and production of films. In 2012, Elan Ruspoli produced his first movie which was titled ‘Struck In Love‘. After his first movie hit the market and did so well, he has produced quite a number of successful movies which includes;

    • Possessor
    • Them That Follow
    • In The Shadow Of The Moon
    • Burnt Orange Heresy

    After these number of productions, Elan Ruspoli still works at the Creative Artist Agency as an agent. Most of Elan’s productions were all hits. They did well when they were released into the market.

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    Elan Ruspoli Net Worth

    Elan Ruspoli, through his workaholic career as a movie producer, his net worth is estimated to be $1million as of 2021. The Creative Artist Agency pays Elan Ruspoli an average of $73,000 yearly.

    How Old Is Elan Ruspoli?

    The entertainer and actor, Elan Ruspoli is 26 years old presently. He was born on 17th August 1985.

    Who Is Elan Ruspoli’s Wife?

    Elan Ruspoli got married to his beautiful wife in the year, 2018. His wife is one of America’s famous singers and actresses. Her name is Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. 

    How Many Children Does Elan Ruspoli Have?

    The talent agent has two sons with his wife, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. Their names are Lenix Ruspoli and Rise Harlen.

    Who Is Jacqueline MacInnes Wood?

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is the wife of the legendary talent agent, Elan Ruspoli. They have two sons together after their marriage.

    What Does Elan Ruspoli Do Now?

    Elan Ruspoli still works with Creative Artist Agency as their talent agent. He started working with them after he completed university in 2007.

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