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    Editorial Policy And Standards

    Editorial Policy

    Docupdates is a definitive online structure that generally covers and attends to the aid of the world’s news sphere that entails news dissemination to the Ghana society not excluding Africa and the other parts of the world. Docupdates brings together, content that is source around Politics, Relationships, Sports, Resources, Institutions, Organizations, Entertainment, and Social Media.

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    Our Mission

    Generally, the main aim of Docupdates is to soften the possibility of readers across the world being able to be aware of what’s happening in the world of Entertainment, Politics and the business landscape, global start-up, internet marketing, Social Media, and also the technological environment. Also, all contents that are found or that are seen on the site are from the right sources with no payment to content partners. Docupdates, as a matter of fact, takes zero financial payment or settlement from its content partners for the accumulation of traffic.



    To the best of our knowledge, Docupdates provides a wide range of news and general information on some specific marketing scenes, industries, and technologies. The contents to be featured on this note are; a couple of featured articles, news, how-to sessions, webinars, case studies, celebrities, videos, lifestyle, music, discussion forums, and other relevant and informative information given out by readers.


    The nature of our business depends solely on revenues that are going to be assembled by Sponsors and Advertisers on the platform. The companies and entities that troops in to advertise their products and of course, services through means like product enlisting, storefronts, banners, and other business/marketing automobiles. Also, they sponsor certain specific parts of the sites.


    The company’s editorial aim is to feed readers with relevant, consistent, and informative news and general information. The company also gives an open forum for the advancement of industrial causes. We are plain, honest, fair, and just in all our coverages and work. Our work is to inform our readers of their way of preference and satisfaction. Having said that, Docupdates uses several resources to accumulate information and report in due course. Therefore, respectively, we entreat all advertisers on the site to provide us with credible information to be used in our coverages. Anything that’s included as a form of editing will be done by our editorial board.

    1. The team’s editorial mandate is to stay relevant with information(information, news, and issues directed to our selected industries) to our readers. We also stand to be just and factual in everything we publish here that we see to be of importance and necessity. We shall not be bias, favour, or direct our attention on one body.


    1. Also, Docupdates stretches its arms wide open to everyone and values all feedback and criticisms, and worries of all readers across the platform.


    1. The company entreats all industry officials and readers to provide commentaries, columns, and blogs. The guidelines for the columns are to focus on topics of people’s interest; and also, that they don’t stand out as overtly promotional material for either a product or an organization/company; and that, they don’t also contain malicious or libelous skin and also are factual and truthful.


    1. Docupdates is not under any circumstance responsible for the accuracy of the information or any other data given out by third parties or outside partners. Links that are brought in are very well checked for accuracy at the stage of publication. As we all know, information may change or appear invalid in this course.


    1. When news content is being published on Docupdates, individuals who’re quotes or featured in the content are reached out for further confirmation after they appear on the site. All necessary corrections are then made if confiscated. Direct quotes and the originality of copies published on the sites are not changed unless the change will only improve the nature or appearance of the story published.


    1. The variety of contents are correctly labeled for better reference and tracking. Contents that are directly delivered by our reliable industry source are as well labeled to separate them from the main/original contents written by Docupdates’ board or editors and writers.


    1. Also, errors are to be reported to the editorial board identifying the errors/mistakes made in the story. Any claim of inaccuracy will be thoroughly checked and corrected.


    1. Further, Docupdates do not share or endorse the opinions of bloggers or any contributors.


    1. It is our main priority to meet the best of standards for the job done and accuracy. We shall correct all factual errors as soon as the board gets aware of them.


    Docupdates Editorial Liability

    The editors, available on the site control every day’s editorial decision makings. They also take charge of all incoming views, comments, and other possible opinions by readers.


    There is also the encouragement of open involvement and participation of government agencies and other departments, state-owned enterprises, universities, standard bodies, industry experts, consultants in a form of technical and directional articles and other forms for submissions.


    A controversial submission shall reasonably be taken into accounts to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the views are solicited and well taken care of. Also, views and publications of articles shall not be accommodated in any specific point of view of the editorial board.


    Therefore, discretion is placed on the editors to quickly shorten content which is mostly done with the consent of the writer/author

    Additionally, the free will is vested in the editorial board to guess whether to publish a letter, submission, or an article. Such kind of decision is not solely decided by the editors’ view of the whole story. If a story is not approved for publication after submission, this might be because the editors find it different from their target or inappropriate, dishonest, malicious, or having a misplaced purpose. Also, Docupdates will not approve ad-hominem attacks targeted at individuals for publication.


    Content Partners

    Docupdates does not, in any form, take payment for any article referrals or lead source. Docupdates editorial board works hand-in-hand with lots of content creators/partners to produce a perfect database for all their publications. These partnerships are also, agreeably shared based on benefits to both parties by the contents that are published on the site that sought to generate traffic for the partners.


    Content Submission

    The company, Docupdates occasionally gets content that is originally submitted by bloggers, PR agencies, writers among others. who seek for their contents to be published. The editorial board expresses their profound excitement receiving such honorable submissions from all interested content creators/writers. Also, know that Docupdates does not pay for content to be created nor do we agree that all submissions will be published on our platform.



    The website receives and updates stories every day. Our editorial board is exceptional with customized software and effective day-to-day engagement with their content partners to be sure all featured contents contain the weight, accuracy, and transparency that’s endorsed and accepted in the entertainment, political fraternity.


    Also, once in a blue moon, the team will publish original content in a form of reporting and interviews but according to the site’s policy, it’s a stand that, we do not write original articles. This policy is kept stiff to keep Docupdates mission to widen the function being done to other sources in other countries.

    Some of the contents that are featured on Docupdates centers a target on celebrities and their lifestyles, Biographies, fundraising, how-to, news, and others

    There, if anyone, even you, what to submit a news article you feel goes in line with our codes and ethic and preference, you can email your submission to Docupdates editorial board on this email:, and the team will reach out to you ASAP!