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Ed Vaught: Who is Radonda Vaught husband?

Radonda Vaught husband

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Ed Vaught: Who is Radonda Vaught husband?

Radonda Vaught is a former Vanderbilt nurse who is 38 years old. She became famously known after giving the wrong medicine to a 75-year-old patient identified as Charlene Murphey which resulted in her death. Radonda Vaught attended Western Kentucky University in the year 2012. She is from Bethpage in Tennessee and she became a professional nurse in February 2015. She worked at the Vanderbilt university medical center and due to the unfortunate incident, her license was stripped from her by the Tennessee Board of Nursing in 2021. Radonda Vaught and her husband owns a company ‘ Horney outdoor apparel’ that deals with outfits for hunting.

Screenshot-2022-08-06-162635 Ed Vaught: Who is Radonda Vaught husband?

What happened to Radonda Vaught?

Unfortunately, a patient identified as Charlene Murphey died as a result of the wrong medication prescribed by Radonda Vaught. According to the news, the patient, Charlene Murphey was supposed to receive Versed but Radonda Vaught gave her Vacuronium instead and this made the patient unable to breathe and died. Radonda Vaught has been sentenced to spend 12 years in prison for failing to care for a patient properly. According to the Judge who rule over the case, Radonda Vaught has to complete 3 years of supervised probation and when that is done, all her charges will be completed.

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Who is Radonda Vaught’s husband?

Since Radonda Vaught became publicly known due to her wrong medication which resulted in a loss of life, many people are trying to figure out who her husband is and her children. The husband of Radonda Vaught is Ed Vaught and he is the owner managing their company ‘Horny Outdoor apparels’. Ed Vaught has decided to stay private so much information about him still remains unknown.

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