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    Dr. Yankson Urges People To Report S£xual Harassment To Police Via Social Media

    Dr. Herbert Gustav Yankson who is the Director of Crime and Digital Forensic Unit of the Criminal investigation Department of Ghana Police Service has prompted the public to report the sexual harassment they face on social to the police for an investigation to be done.

    Dr. Herbert Gustav Yankson said Ghanaians especially females should report if any person tries to harass them in a sexual way on social media to the police.

    According to him, in Ghana peoples fails to report sexual harassment that they encounter on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Tiktok.

    He said that the reason why they failed in reporting them is that, they are afraid to be mock by the public.

    He uttered these words at a public forum to mark the International Day of the Girl Child collated by Plan Ghana international which is a non-governmental organization(NGO) to inculcate girls on internet safety.

    He said “The Cyber Security Act criminalizes s£xual harassment, sex extortion, and issuing of threat on any sexual image. The punishments for these offenses are also high, which ranges between10:and 25 years.”

    Dr. Yankson noted that “most young girls, who face these threats on their social media platforms even with all the evidence gathered by the police, mostly fail to corporate as their parents will like to protect family image”.

    He voiced out nothing should let females put their nud£s pictures on social media and a criminal offense.

    Dr. Yankson said “there is no control of what people put online, but if people put things online and those things are defined in the country’s cyber security act or our criminal code as crime, then such person(s) will have to face the law”

    “We have arrested people who are even at the university level. That is why | keep on saying that, anything you do in the physical space which is offensive is also criminalizing in cyberspace.”

    After that, the Head of The programmes and influencing of plan Ghana International who is Asum-Kwarteng Ahensah called stakeholders to move their attention towards increasing cybercrime as most girls encounter lots of sexual attacks on the internet.

    He said, “although Civil Society Organisations were doing their best to educate the youth about the menace, ‘it takes the collective efforts of stakeholders to address the situation.”

    Executive Director of Child Online Africa, in the person of Awo Aidam Amenyah and programme Assistant Officer in charge of Gender at united Nations population Fund who is known as Bawa Faisal were also present at the forum

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