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    “Don’t propose to me, I’m the one to do that” – Man rejects girlfriend’s proposal

    A man spotted in a video trending on social media doesn’t understand why her girlfriend has to propose to him.

    In the video, the lady was seen on her knees proposing to his boyfriend who doesn’t look surprised.

    The man quickly runs into a stream of confusion and he can be heard saying ” I was the one who was supposed to propose to you”.

    The video has attracted many reactions from netizens expressing their ideas about the situation.

    Check some comments and the video below:

    Testimony: Alert to all women!!! Listen very well, this is the best way to know if a man loves you or he is just about to use you as a spare tire. Do this and be safe after noticing the truth. It’s better and very cool, some men can lie more than demons.

    Desmond: she was embarrassing the poor guy. She should have stood up when he asked her to do so. I’d do what the guy did as well.

    Chukwudi: if the guy truly loves the girl, he is supposed to collect the ring and propose to the girl, even though he is not the one that bought it. Since he is claiming that he is the one that is supposed to propose.

    Watch the video beneath:


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