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    Don’t Bill Your Boyfriend Like Your Father That’s Not Her Job – Female Counselor

    What a heartfelt atmosphere as a Nigerian lady released a sagacious way modern relationships should be.

    This pretty Nigerian lady declared that today’s ladies have pushed all their financial burden upon their boyfriends but that’s not the right way.

    According to the lady, ladies should not push their father’s and husband’s responsibilities to their boyfriends.

    She disclosed that the reason is that both of you are not married yet so ladies should stop putting all their financial burdens on their boyfriends.

    Some social media users especially females don’t seem to agree with the lady, others also think the lady is spoiling their business.

    According to the lady, it’s very hard to accept it but that’s the truth.

    She wrote that:

    “Very hard to accept in a society like ours..Don’t give your boyfriend, your father’s responsibility..Don’t give your boyfriend what belongs to your husband.. Our society finds it hard to accept this fact”.

    Screenshot_20211018-123607_InShot-1 Don't Bill Your Boyfriend Like Your Father That's Not Her Job - Female Counselor

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