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    “Despite Being Declared HIV Positive I Got Numerous Men Proposing Me” – Joyce Dzidzor

    Former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah has disclosed that despite her declaration of being an HIV/AIDS patient, she still got a lot of proposals from men.

    We recall that Joyce tested positive in September 2007, and due to her status she has gone through a lot of shame from society, both in Ghana and outside

    Her appointment as HIV/AIDS ambassador was however terminated after her real result showed up she’s negative and as she wanted to retract her statement she claims that a lot of men are proposing with love notes in her DM.

    Kofi Adomah on Angel FM had an interview with Joyce and she stated that the results came negative and a lot of men approached her saying the proposals she received cannot be counted as they could exceed 1000, both via social media and personal.

    Recently Joyce and her family took a live HIV test on television to let people know the truth about her and to put an end to public stunts.

    The test was not for his family’s interest only but also to protect herself from men.

    Joyce said, “When you are a virgin your problems are minimal, but once you engage in sexual relations with men, because of the spiritual aspect of sex, the diseases that come with it, that is where your problems will begin. I was supposed to be a virgin. I wasn’t supposed to have sex”.

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