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    Delivery guy seduced by a lady as she opens her leg for him to chop (video)

    Strange things happen sometimes as a dispatch rider run into a great temptation during the delivery of a package to a hot lady

    In the video, the dispatch rider knocked on the door of the lady who ordered the package and the lady voiced out that he should come in

    At first, the guy denied it but the lady loudly calls him to come inside, when the guy entered the room, he immediately walks out again because the lady was naked

    The lady calls the guy to enter again and she started filming the whole drama as she open her leg for the guy to chop her

    The dispatch rider refused to fall into this temptation but the lady started to subdue him with her legs

    We don’t know whether the delivery guy was able to overcome this temptation or he fell into the subduction of the lady as the fascinating moment ended

    watch the video below:

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