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    Dede Ayew captured in a viral video sprinkling white substances on the field before one of Ghana’s crucial matches

    Andre Dede Ayew, the current captain of Ghana’s senior national team (Ghana Blackstars), was captured on camera dusting a white material on the pitch before to one of Ghana’s pivotal AFCON 2021 matches.

    Dede was seen in 4D dusting something purported to be powder on the field before walking on it to train in this video, which has become a big subject of discussion on the internet.

    Dede Ayew uttered several incantations on the touchline prior to sprinkling the powder on the field.

    We do not know the actual purpose of Dede Ayew’s ceremony, but many Ghanaians believe he is one of the players that use voodoo to eliminate teammates who represent a danger to their position.

    Former Blackstars players Anthony Annan and Agyemang Badu have also admitted that the majority of Blackstars players engage in severe black magic practice, which they believe is part of the reason(s) for the senior national team’s demise.

    Check out the video below to know more…


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