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    Dead woman resurrects inside mortuary [video]

    A woman who died some few hours ago resurrected from death after she was sent to the mortuary for the necessary procedures to take place

    People are shocked after watching the video which has been trending on social media as the dead lady raised back to life

    The woman was dead so she was sent into a mortuary in UNIBEN which can be located in Benin, Ebo state

    When the Anatomy students were about to proceed with their job about the corpse, she immediately resurrected from death which made those at the scene rush out of the mortuary

    The bold ones held the resurrected woman from the hospital to a new car and sent her back to her family members

    The report said, “A woman was brought in dead by her family members to the mortuary in UNIBEN they finalized all the documentation and left.

    As the Anatomy students was about to start work on the woman she stood up and everybody took off.
    The woman has a second shot at life…”

    Watch the video below:


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