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    Congo Students Storm Parliament Over Teachers Poor Salary, Tells The House To Increase It

    A massive demonstration was held in Congo as a large number of students gathered at Parliament to protest against the low payments of teachers.

    Students in Congo has taken a decision that they will go to the Parliament to demonstrate against the government to increase the pay of their teachers after the one week strike of their teachers

    According to the reporter, students in their school uniforms were sported around the Parliament of Congo making noise for the increment of the pay of their teachers.

    Pupils in their uniforms waved branches and chanted “We want to study” and “If we don’t study, we will resort to drugs”.

    “It’s already been two weeks that we’ve not been studying. Our teachers are on strike. When we ask them to teach us, they say no, they won’t teach us until next year,” young protester Emerod Eraza said.

    “So we marched here to complain in front of the authorities.”

    Teachers went on strike on October 4 over their salaries, bonus pay, retirement age, and other relevant issues since President Felix Tshisekedi introduced a free primary school programme in 2019

    The vice president of Congo received them and calm them that, “Your place is not in the street, but in school or at home.”

    According to the government, it’s because the religious leaders who run the primary schools are the cause of all this strike after the declaration of the free primary schools’ programme.

    “It is worrying when politicians and churches think they are settling the scores… by turning schools into a political football,” Cecile Tshiyombo, the head of teachers’ union SYECO, told Reuters.DR Congo

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