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    Cleive Ester Adams Biography; Family, Net Worth, Sonya Curry’s Father

    Cleive Ester Adams

    Cleive Ester Adams was born and raised in the United States of America. Unfortunately, there isn’t any further information about his current location or his birthdates. So basically, he holds an American citizenship. He is very well known as the grandfather of Stephen Curry, an American basketball player. Not just Stephen Curry but also, his daughter, Sonya Alicia Curry who also happened to be an American educator. Additionally, Cleive Ester is from an African-American ethical background. Currently, Cleive Ester is married to his beautiful wife, Candy Adams and have three children with her.



    Name: Cleive Ester Adams

    Date of Birth: –


    Place of Birth: United States of America

    Spouse: Candy Adams

    Children: Cleive Adams Jnr, India Adams and Sonya Adams

    Grandchildren: Sydel Curry, Stephen Curry and Seth Curry.


    Cleive Ester Adams Wife & Kids

    Cleive-Esters-three-grandchildren Cleive Ester Adams Biography; Family, Net Worth, Sonya Curry's Father

    Nothing about how Cleive Ester Adams met his wife is available on the internet. Nevertheless, he is currently married to his beautiful wife, Candy Adams and together, their relationship union have brought out three children from it. Their names are Cleive Adams Jnr, India Adams and Sonya Adams.

    Cleive Ester and his family have lived and are living the best moment of their life with no hint of separation, nor any sign of both having an affair outside of their marital home. We must not also forget that Cleive Ester has grandchildren. He is a proud father and a husband who loves to spend most of his time with his children and wife.

    Cleive Adams Jnr

    Clieve-Adams Cleive Ester Adams Biography; Family, Net Worth, Sonya Curry's Father

    Cleive Adams Jnr has very little information about him on the internet. He is the son of Cleive Ester Adams. He is also a football head coach at Averett University. He has been working as the head coach for closely more than five good years. It is no doubt that. Cleive Ester’s son, Cleive Adams Jnr earns satisfactory wealth through his career in sports.

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    India Adams

    India Adams is one of those people who have very little or no information about them here on the internet. But it is a fact that, through her hardworking family relations, she has a successful career in whatever she does. However, there is no information regarding her date of birth, place of birth, education nor height and weight. She is living a life far away from the internet.

    Sonya Adams Curry

    Sonya-Curry Cleive Ester Adams Biography; Family, Net Worth, Sonya Curry's Father

    Sonya Adams Curry is the reason for which her father, Cleive Adams is well known on this planet. Meaning, he came into the world of famous people as a result of being the father of Sonya Adams Curry. Also, Sonya Adams do not have most of her personal information on the internet; thus her date of birth, place of birth, education and other details on the internet. It is a fact that she, Sonya Adams Curry is one of the most successful among her siblings. She works as an American educator.

    She is also very famous as Dell Curry, a basketball player’s wife. Additionally, Sonya Adams is well known for being the mother of Stephen Curry who also happens to be one of America’s famous basketball players.

    Her Marriage With Dell Curry

    Sonya Adams Curry got married to Dell Curry in 1988. The two lovers started their dating journey way long before they finally decided to tie the knot. Dell and Sonya met for the first time when both of them were playing volleyball and leading the aces. After their link-up, they dated for about 8 good years before getting married. Dell Curry is a retired American professional basketball player in the United States.

    After Dell Curry and Sonya Adams got married, they both moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Now, they have three children together. Their children’s names are; Sydel Curry, Stephen Curry and Seth Curry. Stephen Curry was born in 1988, Sydel Curry was also born in 1990 and then Seth Curry was also born in 1994. The family of five live a happy life under one roof.


    Sonya Adams Curry’s Career

    Sonya Adams Curry is said to have attended Radford High School. At that time in school, she started her volleyball career. Sonya was the best at what she does. With her tremendous contributions and the help of her team, she has won several state championships for her school. Just after she graduated from the institution, she had the opportunity to join Virginia Tech to continue her journey. She played for the team and she was a three-letter winner. But presently, Sonya Adams is a University Administrator and additionally runs The Christian Montessori School located at Lake Norman along with her husband.


    Cleive Ester Adams Net Worth

    Being a private person, there isn’t any information about how much he is worth on the internet. Maybe somewhere in the future, an update will be made.

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    Sonya Curry Net worth

    Factually, Sonya Adams is a very hardworking woman. She is currently an administrator for a university. Her annual salary according to sources is said to be over $100,000. Sonya Adams’ estimated net worth goes around a sum of $6million. While she has a salivating bet worth, her husband, Dell Curry also has a net worth of about $8million. Sonya Adams and her husband live together in a mansion she owns in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States.

    Additionally, their son, Stephen Curry who also doubles as Cleive Ester’s grandson is one of America’s famous basketball players whose net worth is estimated to be around $90million. Stephen Curry is presently a professional basketball player. He played for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is having one of his brightest careers of all time. Among his other siblings, he is famous among them with the most successful career.


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