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    Check Out Moment Driver Shot Armed Robber In The Head As He Was Being Accosted [Video]

    An armed robber was unluckily shot in the process of robbing a man in a car not knowing the man was armed.

    Things have gone astray for an armed robber trying to rob a man in a private car but he already has a gun in the car so he shot the armed robber.

    In the video, there were two armed robbers on a motorbike and crossed in front of a man driving a salon car.

    One of them dropped down from the motor and walked straight to the man in the salon car, tried to rob him but this smart man pulls out a gun and shoots the armed robber in the head.

    After the man shot the armed robber he immediately drove away leaving the dead body on the street and the other armed robber also drove away leaving his colleague on the coded street.

    check the video below:


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