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    Chairman Wontumi warns delegates to kick him out then suffer like Barcelona in 2024, claims he is NPP’s Messi

    Bernard Antwi Boasiako popularly known as Chairman Wontumi has released a strong warning to the delegates

    According to the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), if the delegates remove him from the upcoming regional elections then they will suffer

    He declared that removing him out of the regional Chairman will affect the party in the 2024 general election financially

    He added that he is the Lionel Messi for NPP, if they vote him out then they will go opposition

    He voiced out when he was interviewed on Accra-based Neat FM that, “My exit from the region will be like Messi leaving Barcelona which has resulted in the dwindling fortunes of the team. Since the exit of Messi from Barcelona, the team has been lagging behind among its peers.”

    He added, “So my exit will affect the fortunes of the NPP in the region.”

    According to Chairman Wontumi, he became the Regional Chairman of the party when the party was in opposition

    He did whatever he has to do to bring the party back to power in 2016 and has held on in 2020.

    He indicated, that those who are trying to vote him out don’t have anything to continue from where he has reached

    He said, “These are people who do not have the capacity to continue from where I’ll leave the party if the delegates take a decision to vote against me.”

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