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    Celestine Donkor reveals not all bad dreams are spiritual

    Ghanaian Gospel musician cum songwriter Celestine Donkor has revealed that having bad dreams is not always about spirituality but sometimes you have to just keep yourself clean

    According to Celestine Donkor, sometimes you only have to wash your pillows and bedspreads so that you can have a sound sleep not always about a spirit working against you

    She continued that, we are living in the world in which everything that happens is a spirit doing, sometimes you have to use common sense to solve what you think is a spiritual problem

    Every bad dream that happens in our sleep has been pushed to the spiritual world as someone is working against us but that’s not always the truth

    She disclosed that Africans has to only just wash their bedspreads and pillows and stop pushing every bad dream to be spirituality

    Check the screenshots below:

    6A96218C-4542-4644-8EA8-60BA704D7EB1 Celestine Donkor reveals not all bad dreams are spiritual


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