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    Cassius Riley Bio, Age, Parents, Stepdad, All You Need To Know

    Cassius Riley
    Cassius Riley

    Cassius Riley is the son of Morgan O’kane and his ex-wife, the famous American singer, Domino Kirke. He was born on 28th January 2009. He is 12 years presently. He was born in the United States of America. He is notable for being the son of two famous American celebrities. Unluckily for the young celebrity kid, Cassius Riley, his parents have divorced and he’s presently the stepson of Penn Badgley. His mother, Domino Kirke gave birth to him when she was just 20 years of age. During Cassius’ early days of his life, he lived with his parents. Nevertheless, he was raised by only his mother after she got separated from his after legally.

    His mother, after her separation from Morgan, married Penn Badgley in the year 2017. Penn Badgley is well known for his feature in the hit TV series ‘You’.

    Just after the marriage of his Domino Kirke and the American actor, Penn Badgley, Cassius’s life has been the talk of the town. It is not strange to find out that, even Cassius’ grandfather, Simon Kirke was also an English drummer. His grandmother whose name is Lorraine Kirke also worked as a housewife.


    Summary Profile

    Name: Cassius Riley O’kane

    Date of Birth: 28th January 2009

    Age: 12 years (2021)

    Place Of Birth: United States of America

    Parents: Morgan O’kane and Domino Kirke

    Stepfather: Penn Badgley


    Net Worth:


    Domino Kirke

    FotoJet-2022-01-02T125712.654 Cassius Riley Bio, Age, Parents, Stepdad, All You Need To Know


    Domino Kirke was born in the United Kingdom on the year, 17th December 1987. She was an American singer, an actress, and a doula. Domino currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with her currently wedded husband, Penn Badgley. She attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School.

    Furthermore, Domino Kirke hails from a famous and well-to-do family. Most people keep asking if the actress was someway related to Jemima Kirke and indeed she is. Domino is actually related to both Jemima and Lola. They have all mode some cool names for themselves in the entertainment industry and educational sectors.

    Cassius Riley’s fame got much worse after his mother earned roles in the famous film ‘Coven’ in 2009 and ‘Abandoned’ in 2011. She has also made special appearances in the mini-series, Expecting Amy which was aired on 9th July 2020. She also narrated the short story ‘Green Umbrella‘ which was released in 2006. Domino Kirke is very successful with her music.

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    Domino Kirke Net Worth

    Domino Kirke, Cassius Riley’s mother is estimated to be worth $1million whilst her husband is worth $8million. Most of her wealth is guessed to have been accumulated through her career as a successful singer and actress. This is to say that, Domino is such a hardworking and determined woman.


    Penn Badgley

    image-scaled Cassius Riley Bio, Age, Parents, Stepdad, All You Need To Know

    Penn Badgley is the celebrity kid’s stepdad. He hails from Maryland, United States, and was born on 1st November 1986. Penn Badgley’s parents are Duff Badgley and Lynne Murphy Badgley.

    Penn Badgley is an actor and a singer by profession. He played Dan Humphrey in the CW’s teen drama ‘Gossip Girl’ from 2007 – 2012. And also, Joe Goldberg in ‘You’ from 2008 to the present day. He is also the singer of the band MOTHXR.

    In 2016, Penn Badgley won the award in the Jury Special Mention category for Lead Actor for his role in the film ‘The Paper Store‘ at Manchester Film Festival.

    Penn Badgley Net Worth

    Presently, Penn Badgley’s net worth is estimated to be around $8million.


    Domino Kirke and Penn Badgley’s Relationship

    Penn-Badgley-and-DOmino-Kirke Cassius Riley Bio, Age, Parents, Stepdad, All You Need To Know

    Domino Kirke, Cassius Riley’s mother, and his stepfather, Penn Badgley’s path met in 2014. The two started dating for three Solid years. On 27th February 2017, Penn Badgley and Domino got married in the New York courthouse. During their marriage, the couple had two miscarriages after the two publicly announced that they were happily expecting their first child. Domino Kirke and Penn Badgley now have a son. His name has since not been made public. Details about their newborn baby are out of the media’s knowledge.

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    Morgan O’Kane

    Morgan-OKane-and-son-Cassius-Riley Cassius Riley Bio, Age, Parents, Stepdad, All You Need To Know

    Morgan O’Kane is an English singer who hails from Virginia, United States of America. He is a singer, producer, and songwriter. He is a very popular music figure in the United States. He is the biological father of Cassius Riley and the ex-husband of Domino Kirke. He got separated from his ex-wife in 2017 after they faced a couple of marital problems and had no choice but to split up with her. After their legal separation, the two moved separate ways but his ex-wife took care of their only child while growing up. Currently, she is married to Penn Badgley whilst he, Morgan is still single.

    Cassius Riley Age

    Cassius Riley was born on 12th January 2009. So the young celebrity kid is 12 years old presently.

    Cassius Riley Net worth

    Cassius Riley currently depends on his parents for survival since he is just 12 years. But according to sources, his mother Domino Kirke is worth $1million and his stepdad is worth $8million.

    Cassius Riley Birthday

    Cassius Riley is 12 years old as of 2021. He celebrates his Birthday on the 28th January of every year. 

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