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    Both NDC and NPP come in to steal our money – Berla Mundi

    Berla Mundi, born Berlinda Addardey, a television personality, has said that Ghana’s two major political parties steal with impunity.

    According to her, they realize that the Ghanaian people are feeble and hence will return to them, thus their contempt for the people.

    The host of the Media General Morning Show said that politicians from the two major political parties are just like birds of a feather that only think about themselves.

    She argues Ghana needs a third force to challenge the system established by the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party; else, nothing would change.

    Time to find a third force maybe? They keep looting because they know we wouldn’t go in for a third alternative. This is a business for them,” she said in a reply to a tweep who said “@berlamundi and our leaders continue to loot us all in d name of dx foolish democracy”
    Commenting on demands for a coup d’ tat in Ghana, the television personality remarked

    “Yes the constitution needs a partial, if not complete overhaul and we’ve been trumpeting that for far too long but a military coup would only reverse the little gains made; not to talk of the lives that could be lost. We need to really think through our requests sometimes”


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