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    Bolt driver returns home with a N70k wig of a female passenger who couldn’t pay 

    A South African man recounted his encounter with two female passengers attempting to con their way to a free ride.

    The guy who goes by the handle @Phislash on Twitter stated that he took the wig of one of the females after learning they had no intention of paying for the journey.

    The women convinced him that someone had scheduled the trip for them to attend a party, and he picked them up late at night and drove them to their location, only for them to arrive and inform him that they needed to contact the guy who booked the transport in order for him to come and pay.

    One of the females left the room and did not return for nearly ten minutes, at which point the Bolt driver became suspicious. After unsuccessfully interrogating the other woman in the vehicle, he contacted the police.

    Fortunately for him, a police car passed them at the moment, and he was able to pull them over and explain the issue.

    When the police officers brought the girl over and questioned her, she confessed that she does not have any money and had never met the other female.

    After some back and forth, the cops inquired as to what she might contribute to cover the cost; she responded with silence. However, when the guy requested her wig, she initially objected, stating that she could not just give her R2,500 (N70,000) wig away.

    @Phislash got the wig after the cops threatened to lock the woman in for the weekend.

    The cab driver shared his incident on Twitter, writing, “Lord, your female scammers request us” (Bolt).

    I drove all the way to Kempton Park from Pretoria delivering a pair of broke girls that think they can scam their way out of paying me.

    Ended up taking their wig.”

    He also uploaded an audio thread of him narrating what transpired.

    Listen below;


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