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    Board Member Of LGBTQ+ Says She’ll Fight Anti Gay Bill Till Her Last Bl00d

    Ghanaian multidisciplinary artist Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi who is a board member of LGBTQ+ Rights Ghana has uttered that she will do everything even till his last breathe to fight against the Anti-LGBTQ Bill.

    This Anti-LGBTQ Bill has been auguring here and there and it was stated earlier when some MPs sent this private Bill to the Speaker of Parliament to criminalize LGBTQ and its related activities.

    A board member of LGBTQ whose name is Va-Bene has come out furiously that this Anti-LGBTQ bill is extremely harsh and all those who are in support are filled with hatred.

    She shared this on Happy Morning Show with Sefa Danquah on how will she react when this Bill is criminalized.

    She responded that “I don’t know what I will do yet but that is never going to change my position on this bill and that will not change my sexuality and gender. Therefore I will have to fight until the last blood drops.”

    If you be a victim of same-sex activities then you will spend three years in prison stated in the bill and some legislators presented a copy of the bill to the Speaker of Parliament on 29 June 2021.

    This bill will prohibit and criminalize LGBTQ and its related activities and also help people to change from homosexuality to heterosexuality.

    Recently some professional lawyers submitted a memorandum to Parliament trying to stop the Anti-LGBTQ bill.

    According to the words in the memorandum, they argued that the promotion of Proper Human Rights and Ghanaian Family values Bill 2021, which reason that the criminalization of LGBTQ and its activities is an ” impermissible invasion of the inviolability of human dignity”

    Some Christian leaders have also submitted a memorandum to parliament embarking on the Anti-LGBTQ to be criminalized.

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