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    Blogger Calls Out Ayisha Modi For Lying About Spending 1.7 Billion Ghc On Moesha Boduong

    Instagram blogger has called out Stonebwoy hyper Ayisha Modi for lying about spending 1.7 billion on Moesha Bodoung when she hasn’t even met her in person before.

    The self-acclaimed proud witch revealed this in one of her videos as she professed that she has spent about 1.7 billion cedis on Moesha Bodoung but Instagram blogger has revealed that all her blabbing are all lies attested by his source daring her to show receipt.

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    As stated by the blogger, information reaching her shows that Ayisha has not donated a dime toward Moesha’s well-being before.

    The Instagram blogger disclosed that Ayisha Modi told a blogger to write to the public about Salma Mumin also donated 10,000 cedis which is not true daring her to bring out evidence to prove her innocence in this allegation.

    WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-02-at-15.23.55 Blogger Calls Out Ayisha Modi For Lying About Spending 1.7 Billion Ghc On Moesha Boduong

    The blogger alleged that the claim of Ayisha and Salma’s contribution to help Moesha is not true.

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    Abathegreat quizzed Ayisha Modi’s blogger that it was not Ayisha and Salma who paid for Moesha’s bill but her boyfriend, as she asked Ayisha to provide a receipt on the money she claimed to have spent on Moesha, the blogger also disclosed that a friend of Moesha says Ayisha has not seen her In person not to talk of helping her.

    She, however, told Ayisha to clear the air about all her claims by bringing out evidence as She is used to keeping receipts to show that yes indeed she helped Moesha.

    Source: Docupdates

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