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    Blakk Rasta Drags Akufo-Addo For Borrowing Money From Homos£xuals But Claims He Don’t Follow Them

    Some countries in the world have accepted homos3xuality but Ghanaians are trying their best to stop it in the country.

    Recently, a lot of issues about homos3xuality have been raised in this country that as many claims the government should criminalize it in the country.

    Other Ghanaians also think it’s their right so the government should allow them to enjoy.

    The government has made some measures to put an end to homos3xuality which has provoked one Ghanaian reggae musician Blakk Rasta to share his idea about it.

    According to Blakk Rasta, he doesn’t understand why the government doesn’t like homos3xuals but goes for loans from them.

    He continued that, people you don’t like them, you shouldn’t go for their money and so Ghanaian leaders should stop chasing homos3xuals for loans to fix their country.

    check the video below:


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