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    Birthday party ends horribly as celebrant’s police escort accidentally shoots him and guests in Lagos

    At a recent birthday celebration in Lagos, tragedy struck when a Mobile police escort shot the celebrant and two guests accidentally.

    According to reports, the terrible incident occurred on Sunday night at a club in Lagos State’s Gowon Estate.

    The police, who was said to be drunk, attempted to give the celebrant a pistol salute but ended up shooting him and one visitor to death.

    Eons Intelligence posted footage of the sad occurrence, which occurred when visitors were showering money.

    A Twitter post read; ”Birthday party gone wrong as Police escort to the celebrant accidentally shot 2 to death including the celebrant & other guest sustained bullet wounds yesterday night at a club in Gowon Estate, Lagos. The MOPOL was believed to be under influence of Alcohol…

    While attempting to give the celebrant gun salute. The round selector was possibly on rapid firing resulting in losing control of the weapon, killing the celebrant and another guest on the spot.”

    Watch video below:

    Source: Docupdates

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