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    Big Men Are Pushing For The Anti LGBT Bill But Come To Ask Us For 3some – Naomi Gold

    Just dropped in that, some members of parliament have secretly joined hands to present a bill to help criminalized LGBTQ+ deeds in the country.

    They refer to the private bill as, ‘Bill on the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaians Family Value’, this private bill was submitted to the speaker of parliament, Alabama Bagging on 29 June 2021

    The purpose of this private bill by the eight members of parliament is to promote, recommend, finance, the acts of homosexuality to be criminalized in the country.

    Naomi Gold a popular n£de model and bis3xual has reacted to LGBTQ+ Saga as it’s very surprising.

    She posted a self-made video on her Instagram official page and she was sighted saying some big men who are behind the pushing for LGBTQ+ in Ghana to be criminalized are the same people who come to them to ask for a threesome, And she sees this as hypocritical behavior.

    The threesome is a type of s3x that involves three human beings. It’s sometimes done once in a while to meet others’ curiosity or to be enjoyed. This type of s3x is not done always unless it’s organized by the parties involved.

    Watch the video below.


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