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    Best Contraceptive Pills In Ghana And Prices

    Pregnancy is the reason why we are on this earth but unplanned pregnancy can sometimes be hard to take care of, that’s the reason why contraceptives have been provided to reduce the rate of unplanned pregnancy.

    The most difficult part is that peoples don’t know what to select to protect themselves, that’s why are here to help.

    We have come out with the top five brands that can be trusted and they are very affordable and you can find them in most of the pharmacies.

    These five top contraceptives are:

    1. Lydia Contraceptive:

    Screenshot_20210917-215148_Chrome Best Contraceptive Pills In Ghana And Prices

    If you want to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancy then you have to use this contraceptive because it’s the best one, it prevents the sperm from reaching the egg and highly recommended to peoples who likes enjoying unprotected s3x.


    2. Postinor2:

    Screenshot_20210917-213118_Chrome Best Contraceptive Pills In Ghana And Prices

    When you are looking for an emergency contraceptive to prevent unplanned pregnancy then, this contraceptive is good for you. It is also known as “Morning After Pill” and can be used after unprotected s3x. It contains 0.75mg Levonorgesterol which controls birth.
    The price is cheap as 7 cedis depending on the pharmacy.


    3. Secure Contraceptive

    Screenshot_20210917-213711_Chrome Best Contraceptive Pills In Ghana And Prices

    This is also one of the best contraceptives and has been in Ghana for a long time. This can be used after s3x and unfortunately, the price hasn’t been discovered yet. At first, they used to sell it 14 cedis but now we don’t know the price yet so you have to carry additional money. You have to take 1 pill daily for 21 days in a row and the next week don’t take any pills.


    4. Levon 2

    Screenshot_20210917-215101_Chrome Best Contraceptive Pills In Ghana And Prices

    This is also another one of the best contraceptives, it prevents fertilization from happing, it also prevents sperm from reaching the egg, and is highly recommended for those who cannot stop unprotected sex. It goes for12 cedis.


    5. Lenor Emergency contraceptive pill:

    Screenshot_20210917-215511_Chrome Best Contraceptive Pills In Ghana And Prices

    This is the last contraceptive pill that has a name in this country and it is very good and has never failed before. It is also described as Morning After Pill which is very effective 3 days after sex. It has only one pill in it and the price is 10gh cedis.

    NB: What you have to make sure of is that all the above contraceptives have side effects depending on the hormones of the woman so see your doctor before you take them.

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