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    Ayisha Modi Claims She’s A Witch But Uses Her Powers To Help And Not Destroy

    Ayisha Modi is at it again as she has surprised all of us by revealing her true identity and why she is always giving help to the needy and her colleague celebs who need help too.

    As specified by Ayisha Modi, she boldly said she is a proud witch, but her witchcraft is connected to helping the needy and those who need her help too.

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    She revealed that her power was given to her to rescue and boost the lives of others and not shatter them as many have perceived it to be.
    She disclosed this info after she was impeached for contemplating helping Moesha Buduong just for a name and not having good intentions of helping her genuinely in her condition.
    Ayisha also revealed that all the power she possessed is not bad but clean and harmless as Afia Schwar can testify that she is a queen and above her in power ranking.

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    Ayisha Modi emphasized that she can’t harm those who spew trash about her as the power she possessed is not given to her to harm people but to do good all the time she however went on to reveal Afia Schwar’s allergy in the spiritual world.
    In the video, Ayisha said she can’t spend such an amount of money on Moesha just for mere friendship or fame.
    Ayisha the Witch claims her intentions were genuine toward Mosha.
    Source: Docupdates 

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