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    Avram Ben Moshe Says The Demons In Bible Are The Politician And Pastors In Ghana

    The leader of Common Sense Family and Religion Agnostic, Avraham Ben Moshe has visualized that Ghanaians pastors, and Politicians are the demons narrated in the sacred book Christians called Bible.

    Avraham Ben Moshe classified as a counterculturist of all time while hosting his ‘Religious and Politicians show on MA TV, said Ghana is not developing because of pastors and politicians in the country.

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    Avraham revealed that Ghana is endowed with natural resources hence should have been the most beautiful country in the world but because of demons and principalities which he refers to pastors and politicians hence the reason Ghana is not progressing.

    He went on to explained that the politicians are deliberately impairing the economy to make life difficult for citizens of the country while the pastors are obscuring behind God’s name and using the bible to fraud church members.

    Source: Docupdates

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