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    Anna Beth Goodman: Biography, Net Worth, Spouse & Facts

    Annabeth Goodman

    Anna Beth Goodman, as popularly known, is the wife of the famous award-winning actor, John Goodman. In this article, we shall in detail know much about who Anna Beth Goodman is and her life in general.

    Annabeth Hartzog is a young determined woman born in the year, 1969 in Louisiana, USA. She is 52. Her life with her family and her upbringing have since time immemorial, been an encouraging one that’s grabbed the attention of the public. Her story is such an interesting one to read about.

    Anna Beth Goodman attended Bogalusa High School and after that, she went ahead to study Fine Arts at the University of New Orleans. Just after college, she decided to try her hands on other interests she had developed growing up. This include business, and luckily, she moved out to Los Angeles, to continue her life there. As a starter in the business journey, she manufactured clothes. Later on, Anna Beth relocated back to her old spot and launched the ‘Pippen Lane’ clothing in Europe, in the year, 1997.


    The Pippen Lane clothing dealt in children’s clothes grew and expanded as the year passed by. Later in 2011, her clothing line had a close mark with Lylian Heirloom which now continues as part of Anna Beth Goodman signature.

    Lylian Heirloom is a clothing line that has been in existence for centuries. It is also, one of the biggest and successful clothing stores in Pippen Lane that manufacture children’s clothes. Her clothing business surged so high and was very successful that, she ended up introducing her own clothing label, Layette.


    Pippen Lane Clothing Line(Brief)

    Screen-Shot-2019-03-06-at-6.14.16-PM Anna Beth Goodman: Biography, Net Worth, Spouse & Facts

    Pippen Lane deals with the manufacturing of children’s clothes, toys, shoes, books, strollers, and many others. This was as a result of her perfect marriage with the love of her life, John Goodman.


    Anna Beth Goodman’s Married Life & Children

    Annabeth-Goodman-and-family Anna Beth Goodman: Biography, Net Worth, Spouse & Facts

    Anna Beth Goodman got married to the popular and award-winning actor, John Goodman in 1988. Both of them met for the first time at a grand party where the entire story started to bridge up. They’ve been together for more than three decades now. Their love life is really amazing and inspiring. During their first meet, Anna Beth Goodman was still a student at the University of New Orleans and on the other hand, her better half, John Goodman was a newbie to his newfound career(acting). John was in the course of playing the role of ‘Lawrence’ in the world-known film ‘Everybody’s All-American’.

    Just the moment, the two lovers came to sight with each other, the clouds smiled at them. That was the beginning of a new story behind their romantic relationship thenceforth. Goodman stood forth his grounds for several attempts until Anna Beth Goodman said a big fat YES to him. This activity historically took place on the Mississippi River. A new chapter for the new lovers. The story continues.

    Anna Beth and Goodman’s wedding ceremony was held on 27th October 1989. During their early days of marriage, the couple had their first and only child the following year after marriage. They named her Molly Evangeline Goodman.


    Molly Evangeline Goodman

    Anna-Beth-Goodman-with-her-husband-image-e1614363518702 Anna Beth Goodman: Biography, Net Worth, Spouse & Facts

    Molly Evangeline Goodman was born on August 31, 1990. She is 31 years old as of 2021.

    After Molly’s birth, Anna Beth and Goodman took a decision to keep a low profile to protect their only daughter from the awkward life of Hollywood. Due to this, the Goodman family moved out of Hollywood just after the birth of Molly Evangeline. While growing up, Molly made up her own decision to take the path of her dad. She dived into the filmmaking. As of today, Molly Evangeline works with Hollywood as a production assistant.

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    Anna Beth Goodman‘s Net worth

    Anna Beth Goodman is a hardworking and determined woman who’s proven her worth. Luckily for her, she also had a very successful and supportive husband, John Goodman. In her reign, Anna Beth has been able to make some cool cash from her clothing line company. Per reports, her net worth is about $2million even though, Annabeth has not publicly announced the figures herself.


    Anna Beth Goodman‘s Movies

    Anna Beth Goodman, married to the Hollywood legend, John Goodman, She partook in a few movies on different occasions. She worked with the production company as an actress, film production, soundtrack recording and also, cos time designing.


    Dirt – 2001 as a costume designer

    Ben Folds: Live at My Space – 2007 soundtrack

    Botched – 2007 as the producer for the film


    Summary Of Profile

    Name: Anna Beth Goodman/Annabeth Hartzog

    Date Of Birth: 1969

    Place Of Birth: Louisiana, United States of America

    Age(2021): 52

    Nationality: American

    Husband: John Goodman

    Daughter: Molly Evangeline Goodman

    High School: Bogalusa High School

    College: University of New Orleans

    Weight: 121lbs

    Height: 5 ft 5

    Profession/Occupation: Business Woman

    Net worth: $2million

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