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    Angelo Adkins: All Facts You Need To About Adele’s Son

    Angelo Adkins

    Angelo Adkins was born on Friday, October 19, 2012. Meaning, he is 9 years old in 2021. The little celebrity kid was further born in England. Before his birth, his parents dated for almost a year until they finally settled and got married. He, Angelo, is famous for being the son of the popular ace singer Adele and Simon Konecki. Also, on the side of his grandparents are Penny Adkins and Marc Evans. Angelo has got a pretty interesting family around him especially having Adele as his mother and Simon Konecki as his hardworking father.

    Adele spends most of her time with the little kid and makes sure he is well taken care of. Most of the time, during his birthday and certain memorable and special days or events, she will take Angelo to the park and some sceneries to catch a vibe with her friends and family.

    Biography Summary

    Name: Angelo James Adkins

    Date Of Birth: October 19, 2012

    Age: 9 (2021)

    Place Of Birth: United Kingdom

    Gender/Sex: Male

    Mother: Adele Laurie Adkins

    Father: Simon Konecki

    Net Worth: –

    Social Media: –

    Parents Still Married: No


    Angelo Adkins’ Personal Life

    Angelo-Adkins Angelo Adkins: All Facts You Need To About Adele’s Son

    As said before, Angelo gained his popularity as a result of being a son to the British ace singer, Adele and also Simon Konecki. After his birth, his personality was hidden from the media and public attention. His life was kept close and private. Angelo grew up in an overprotective house where everything about him was confidential and private. After his parents’ marriage failed to work, the public had worries and concerns as to how the little kid’s life would be managed. Despite the divorce, the parents managed to keep alive their cordial relationship and made their son get the best life he deserved. Interestingly, Angelo demanded answers from his parents why they divorced which his mother, Adele also tried her best to figure out. In an interview with Vogue, she shared that her son had approached her with 100s of questions regarding their marriage. It was quite uncool and unexpected to be questioned by a child of his age. She said;

    “He has so many simple questions for me that I can’t answer, because I don’t know the answer”.

    She went ahead and shared

    “Like, why can’t we still live together? That’s just joy what people do when they get divorced. But why not ? I’m like, I don’t f**king know. That is not what society does.”

    She said, he also asked that;

    “Why don’t you love my dad anymore?”

    She answered “I do love your dad. I’m just not in love. I can’t make that make sense to a 9-year-old.

    According to the singer, one hilarious thing she never forgets is, previously, her son never knew his mom was that popular. Just after he found out, he went like “People like you“. When in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she told her “He is starting to get it a little bit but not really“. Then quick forward when he was sent to Taylor Swift’s concert by his mom, his thought about his mom’s popularity began to dive into the reality that, his mom might be very famous more than he ever imagined.

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    Brief About Adele, Angelo’s Mother

    5efcb5b22271a Angelo Adkins: All Facts You Need To About Adele’s Son

    Adele Laurie Adkins is a famous English singer and songwriter. Adele throughout her career has had an interesting life growing up in the music industry. She is a multiple Grammy award winner who has currently sold over million album sales worldwide. She has alongside won several Oscar awards including the said 15 Grammys altogether. After the release of her two albums 19 and 21, Adele got people praising her talent and gift worldwide. It was all a success and she made very much successful sales within the period of release.

    After birthing Angelo, Adele actively bounced back to the music scene topping charts with her worldwide hit ‘Hello‘ that was in 2015. Then somewhere in 2017, Adele was crowned with 5 Grammy awards on her album 25, song of the year, and record of the year too.

    Again, Adele is the sole owner of the West Sussex estate which is also worth over $11million. Therefore, around a period in 2016, Adele decided to put her house on sale but unluckily, did not find any buyer for it.


    Brief About Simon Konecki, Angelo’s Father

    images3 Angelo Adkins: All Facts You Need To About Adele’s Son

    Simon Konecki is widely known to be an investment banker in Britain. Later he was tagged as a philanthropist. Simon Konecki is also the co-founder of Life Water, a private brand of bottled water in the United Kingdom with his best friend, Lucas White. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the charity organization. In summary, Simon Konecki and the singer, Adele, met in the year, 2011. That was the exact year they started getting along with each other. Simon and Adele kept their relationship life away from the camera until during the 59th Grammy Awards edition she was married to Simon.


    Adele & Simon’s Marriage

    gettyimages-138852289-scaled Angelo Adkins: All Facts You Need To About Adele’s Son

    Adele and Simon are reported to have officially separated in 2021. They did everything in their power to make things work for the sake of their son but that never worked out for both of them. To date, it is blurry as to what caused their separation. According to the report, it was Adele who filed for a divorce in the USA in 2019.

    Therefore in 2020, at the court, the judge whose name is withheld ruled out Adele’s favor to be detailed on the £140million divorce kept secret. Lastly, the entire divorce assembling process was done and dusted in March 2021. Even though, both of them have not yet signed a prenup before getting married.

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    Net Worth

    Angelo-Adkins-Daily-Times Angelo Adkins: All Facts You Need To About Adele’s Son

    Factually, Angelo doesn’t live a life on his known. He solely depends on his parents for survival and livelihood. As a child, his parents have done all they could to give him a profile and also secure the best life for him. But on the other hand, his mother, Adele is worth $190million as of 2020. And Simon, his father is also worth $2million. So Angelo lives his entire life in his parent’s wallets.

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