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    Deidre Angela Shaw: Facts about Angela Lansbury’s daughter

    Deidre Angela Shaw

    Deidre Angela Shaw is better known as the eldest daughter of multiple Gold Globes Award Winner, Angela Lansbury and her husband, Peter Shaw.

    She was born in April 1953 and raised in Malibu alongside her brother, Anthony Pullen. She has a half-brother identified as David Shaw from her father’s previous relationship.

    She has a brother, Anthony and during her childhood, she and her brother joined a counterculture movement by using recreational drugs however their parents helped them to stop their bad habit.

    What does Deidre Angela Shaw do?

    As Anthony decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents in terms of career path, Deidre Angela Shaw didn’t do the same but choose something else.

    She is currently married to an Italian chef, Enzo Battarra hence the couple run a restaurant together but they closed it in 2019.

    What happened to Angela Lansbury’s daughter?

    Well, Angela Lansbury and her husband, Peter were very interested in their careers so they lost sight of their children so despite having successful careers both Deidre Angela Shaw and Anthony Pullen were deeply involved in drugs during their teenage ages.

    After the parents realized their mistake they pause their careers to focus on the children until they recovered.

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