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    Amber Najm: T-Pain’s Wife Biography, Net Worth & All Facts

    Amber Najm
    Amber Najm

    Amber Michelle Wyatt otherwise known as Amber Najm is a native of Florida born on the 13th of April, 1981 to Mrs. Gina Shirley and Mr. Tony Wyatt. Amber was brought up with Andrea, her sister, and Justin in a military home. The nuclear family spent most of their time in Tallahassee, a town in Florida. Amber is now a businesswoman at 38, presently. She is very well known to be the wife of the popular songwriter, singer, rapper, and record producer, T-Pain, known in real life as Faheem Rasheed Najm.

    Her father was a keen member of the military unit so she, Amber Najm also decided in faith to follow in her father’s footsteps. As a result, Amber joined the United States Airforce at the age of 20. She successfully passed the training and got in.

    Amber Najm served at the Airforce for 4 good years, thus, from 2001 to 2005.

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    Amber Najm is a determined woman with long curly dark hair. She has dark blue eyes and she is about 5ft 4ins(1.63) tall.


    Amber Najm’s Life Before Marriage

    ambrerimage Amber Najm: T-Pain's Wife Biography, Net Worth & All Facts

    It has been exactly 16 years since the couple, Amber Najm and T-Pain tied the knot. Before their marriage, they’d been dating for years. Amber was an intelligent student of Satellite High School. She graduated in the year 1999. After, Amber Najm was enrolled at Florida A&M University where she had the opportunity to study business. Luckily for her, she graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in business after her four-year tuition at the University.

    Just after college, Amber Najm developed the dire need to set up her own business. Somewhere along the line, Amber Najm diverted and started to work for the United States military in 2001.

    T-Pain met Amber when she was still at the University. He was four years younger than her though. Amber Najm was 22 and the rapper was 18. The couples’ age difference speculated rumors and controversies from the mass media. Amidst the controversy and backlash, nothing triggered the two to separate. According to Amber Najm, it was love at first sight, so she was so excited when T-Pain asked her out. The duo dated for a couple of years while pursuing their dreams. Along the line, Amber Najm got proposed by T-Pain in 2003. According to the history surrounding the two lovers, T-Pain’s music career shot to the limelight as he became one of the most popular musicians of that time. After his album was released in the year 2005, he has featured on more than seventy charts topping singles.


    A Tit-Bit About T-Pain

    gettyimages-1130581635-scaled Amber Najm: T-Pain's Wife Biography, Net Worth & All Facts


    Faheem Rasheed Najm, popularly known as T-Pain, in full, TallahasseePain, is also a citizen of the United States who also resided in Florida. T-Pain discovered his interest and talent in music when he was about three years old when Ben Tankard, a gospel jazz singer, a family friend brought him to the studio. When T-Pain was 10, he personally transformed his room into a self-made studio and that was when his journey to music was propelled. He filled the room with different kinds of studio equipment, all in the quiet to make music. He wrote, sung, and created beautiful melodies that are being enjoyed to date.

    Through T-Pain’s music career, he has featured and collaborated with well-known musicians such as Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Akon, and co. In several interviews, T-Pain accords his success to his wife, Amber Najm. According to the rapper, Amber gave him the best support of his life when he really needed it the most. She stood by him through his tough and worst times and now he is everywhere. He got married to Amber in 2003. One of the worst experiences of his time as his fans lashed at him for making that choice due to their age difference. Somewhere in 2007, the rapper was arrested for driving on the street of the town with a suspended license. He was released three hours after the arrest.

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    Amber Najm & T-Pain’s Children & Marriage Amidst Controversies

    TPAINKIDS Amber Najm: T-Pain's Wife Biography, Net Worth & All Facts

    The couple has three children. Lyriq, born on the 14th of March, 2014, Muziq, born in 2007, and Kaydnz Kodah also born on 29th April, 2009. According to T-Pain in an interview he held, he claimed that both he and his wife, Amber Najm had had external affairs with other individuals outside their marriage. That was a huge controversy at that time. These allegations as stated by the musician heated up the public tongue, as they were said to be having an open relationship. Amidst the rumors and outbursts, T-Pain was required to clear the wave. In an interview with TMZ, he confirmed that;

    “I was just telling them that, me and my wife just sleep with other girls together. It’s not like we can just go off and have a relationship with other people. People were assuming we got married for nothing. Just because we smashed and every now and then doesn’t mean we have an open marriage”.

    That was such a complicated issue to get the poll to understand. After that, T-Pain also stated that one stripper from Costa Rica fell in love with him but Amber tried her possible best to make sure that never happens. She warned the stripper to not try to snatch her man. According to Amber, it was just business arrangements and nothing more than that.

    Life went on. Now, Amber Najm is much into her husband’s record label, Nappy Boy Entertainment aside from playing her role as a mother and a wife to her beautiful family.


    Amber Najm’s Net Worth & Businesses

    amber-najm Amber Najm: T-Pain's Wife Biography, Net Worth & All Facts

    As stated, Amber is a successful businesswoman. Amber Najm’s overall net worth was estimated to be about $1million. But her husband, T-Pain is estimated to be worth $45million which he was able to accumulate through his music career as a record producer, singer, rapper, and songwriter. Amber Najm is reported to have used her influence and popularity, through her social media pages(Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) to promote T-Pain’s music. Which, unfortunately, she personally, deleted her Instagram page but was active on Twitter and other social media platforms.

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    Summary Of Amber Najm’s Biography

    Name: Amber Michelle Wyatt

    Date Of Birth: 13th April 1981

    Age: 39

    Place Of Birth: Melbourne, Florida

    Height: 5ft 4ins(1.63)

    Nationality: American

    High School: Satellite High School

    College: Florida A&M University

    Husband: Faheem Rasheed Najm aka T-Pain

    Children: Lyriq Najm, Muziq Najm, Kaydnz Kodah

    Still Married: Yes

    Siblings: Andrea Ablordeppey and Justin Wyatt

    Parents: Gina Shirley and Tony Wyatt

    Work: Nappy Boy Entertainment

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