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    Amanda Moye Brown facts: bio, net worth, marriage, family

    Amanda Moye Brown

    Amanda Moye Brown is an American showbiz personality who was born in the United States of America. Unlike other celebrities, Amanda Moye’s birth date and other personal and relevant pieces of information are not available anywhere on the internet. She does not freely share details about herself or her family on the internet. So as a fact, it is seemingly impossible to know her age, parents, or siblings.

    Summary Profile

    Name: Amanda Moye Brown

    Date Of Birth: – Unknown

    Age: – Unknown

    Place of Birth: United States of America

    Nationality: American

    Career: Former worker at Disney ABC Television Group

    Husband: James Wesley Brown aka Wes Brown

    Child: Merribeth Brown

    Still Married: Yes

    Height: 5 feet 8 inches or 173kg

    Weight: 60kg


    Who Is Amanda Moye Brown?

    AmandaMoyeBrownAge2CHeight2CWeight2CNetWorth2CWiki2CFamily2CHusband2CBio Amanda Moye Brown facts: bio, net worth, marriage, family

    Amanda Moye Brown is an American born to American parents and has white Caucasian ethnicity. She is best known for being the wife of an American actor and producer, Wes Brown. Wes Brown has worked on several TV Series projects such as Hart of Dixie, Authentic Blood, and Deception. Alongside filming, Wes Brown has also been employed in films like Display about The Mesa, Love Cried, June In January among many others. Most people believe that Amanda was dragged into the entertainment industry since she was very young. In other words, she has not publicly admitted to that fact.


    Amanda Moye Brown Physique

    Amanda Moye is an amazing woman with a beautiful look. She has a height of 5 ft 8 inches or 173meters and also, weighs 60kg. Amanda is very notable for having numerous workout sessions hence keeping up to date with her health and the structure of her body. She also has a pair of beautiful blue sparkling eyes, dark hair, and beautifully arranged white teeth.

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    Amanda Moye Brown Parents

    No record has Amanda Moye’s parents featured in. She has managed to keep everything about herself and her family private such that, the media will have nothing to talk about them, presumably. She grew up and got to be known after her marriage to an American actor and a producer. Likewise, she has not publicly come out to say anything about her siblings.


    Is Amanda Moye An Actress? – Career

    Most people have shared their thoughts on Amanda Moye’s career as an actress. She is mostly being mistaken as an actress becomes of her husband’s role in the movie scene. Amanda previously worked at Disney ABC Television Group. Aisle this occupation, there is nothing much that can be said about what she does now.


    Who Is Wes Brown?

    Untitled-design-761-793x526-1 Amanda Moye Brown facts: bio, net worth, marriage, family

    Wes Brown is known to be the handsome husband of Amanda Moye. His birth name is James Wesley Brown. The young man is an actor and a producer. WES brown has been sighted in most remarkable television films such as Deception, Love Under the Stars, Storm War, Once Upon A Time, Graceland, Hart of Dixie, and True Blood.


    Amanda Moye Brown Net Worth

    Amanda Moye Brown has grown from being who she was to who she is now and probably, people look forward to seeing how much she is worth. As a determined young lady, a former employee at Disney ABC Television Group, she has managed to accumulate and be worth $400,000.


    Amanda Moye Brown Relationship

    Hallmark-movie-Wedding-at-Graceland Amanda Moye Brown facts: bio, net worth, marriage, family

    According to sources, Amanda Moye Brownand James Wesley Brown got married in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The couple tied the knot in the year 2008 till date. During the happy marriage, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter in the year, 2009, a year after their wedding. They named their daughter, Merribeth Brown. Merribeth Brown is currently 12 years old in 2021.


    Social Media Presence

    Amanda Moye is an active member of the social media group. Even though, she does not have a huge number of fans or followers on her platforms as compared to her husband’s. Amanda has just 400 followers on her private Instagram account.

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    How Old Is Amanda Moye Brown?

    Currently, the internet does not know the exact age of Amanda Moye. But she is a young growing and hardworking woman.


    How Old Is Wes Brown?

    Wes Brown, the amazing American actor was born on 26th January 1982. He is 39 years currently in 2021. Wes Brown looks to be older than his wife looking at his physical appearance.


    How Long Has Wes Brown and Amanda Moye BrownBeen Married?

    The couple has been married since 3rd March 2008. Therefore. we can conclude that it has been 13 years since they got married. During the course of their marriage, they have just one daughter who is 12 years old as of 2021. Her name is Merribeth Brown.


    Merribeth’s Age

    Currently, Amanda and Wes Brown’s only daughter is 12 years old as of 2021. She was born in the year, 2009, a year after her parents tied the knot.

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