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    Albert Opens Up Why His Former Boss Sacked Him

    Ghanaian journalist Albert has revealed the reasons why he was sacked from the GHBase and then he responded to his former boss about the comments he made about him

    According to journalist Albert, he is someone who always seeks quality not quantity but his former boss wants quantity

    He continued that, he doesn’t receive anything thrown at his feet but he question the motive behind it

    Journalist Albert disclosed that he was one of the best bloggers on GHBase and he has been taxed to write 15 – 20 stories a day but that doesn’t mean he has to write any trivial things there

    “I was one of the best in that media firm. I’m the type who likes to question stuff. I don’t just receive what anyone throws at me.try to question the motive and the rationale behind it. I have realized that lots of people do not like to be questioned. 

    They don’t like to have contrary opinions. Especially bosses,” Albert said.

    “I did my work and there’s no doubt. | remember | was supposed to write 15-20 stories each day. To the company, it was all about quantity, not quality. Things took a very interesting turn such that when you go to GHbase, you see trivial stuff. Things that you’re not supposed to see it there

     When you write ten stories well enough to fetch you traffic, the company won’t accept they are focused on the 15-20 stories and nothing else,” Albert added

    Watch the video below:


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