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    Akufo-Addo Receives Bride Price Of His 3rd Daughter At Jubilee House As She Marries Kofi Jumah’s Son

    In Ghanaian Traditional marriages, The father needs to ask his daughter three times whether to accept the bride price from her husband to be or not.

    If the bride-to-be accepts then the father takes it and gives out his daughter’s hand in marriage to her husband-to-be.

    A video is circulating on social media, where the president is seen performing fatherly duties at his daughter’s traditional marriage whether to accept the bride price or not.

    The president is seen in the video asking his third daughter, Edwina Nana Dokua Akufo Addo “Do you agree to marry him” Edwina was so happy that she settling for what her heart desires quickly answered his father ” yes I agree”

    There was great joy and cheering from the guest to witness their joyful moment.

    Pictures from the ceremony have flooded the internet that shows that the son of Managing Director of GIHOC Distilleries company Limited Maxwell Kofi Jumah, His son Kwabena Jumah is married to the third daughter of the president Edwina.

    A source says the traditional marriage was held at the Presidential villa at the Jubilee House on 9 October 2021 Saturday with few guests.

    A soft now, we can’t fathom the time these two started dating but a close source also revealed that Kwabena Jumah who lived in New got married to a Jamaican with three kids

    We don’t know if he has finalized his divorce with her but the report says his Caribbean wife refused to understand the demands of the divorce.

    Watch the video below…

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