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    Need an outstanding boost on your business, music, political missions, and many others? Then Docfile Inc’s should be your stop

    How about we save you the time spent searching for a decent advertisement deal and help position you and your business to the right audience who are in need of your product or services

    We acknowledge promotions from across a wide scope of organizations and SME startups that we consider to be an interest and increase the value to our cherished readers across Africa.

    Our advertisement estimating shifts, it relies upon the sort of advert, size of advertisement standard, position, and span of the mission.

    The following are the accessible sorts of banners.

    Newsletter Ads

    We have a huge number of glad endorsers enlisted and happy with our newsletters, for the most part, convey newsletters no less than multiple times in seven days. Your advertisement will be implanted inside the newsletter. It very well may be text and picture adverts

    This kind of advert can show on both portable and PC stage, See tests and extra subtleties.

    Social Media Ads

    We will include adverts on our social pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram); Making your business or whatever you are elevating to arrive at a huge number of our fans.

    Sponsored Post

    This can be utilized to get out a word, or itemized mindfulness about your business, item, and some other thing you wish to publicize. A post will be on our site perpetually, you can add a few pictures, text, and videos.

    This sort of advert can show on both the versatile and PC stages.

    Link And Text Ads (No Image)

    This sort of advertisement is made out of text and links (no picture), it will lead traffic to your landing page or site at whatever point individuals click on it. You can remember Phone Numbers and email for your text.

    This advert can show on both portable and PC stages.

    Banners Advertisement

    Wide Horizontal Banners (Leaderboards Ads, Billboards, banners, and Mobile Banners)

    These are huge rectangular banner ads, covering a wide part of the site and pretty much every guest of the site put complete focus on it each time the website page loads.

    Long Vertical Banners

    These are long Vertical banner ads, covering a wide part of the site upward, it is in every case best fitted at the sidebar and pretty much every guest of the site puts complete focus on it each time the site page loads.

    Small Rectangular ads

    These are small rectangular picture ads, they have assortments of positions where they can be put on the site which makes it a famous demand for sponsors. They are equipped for showing up in the middle of post substance and this causes this sort of advert to have high clickthrough and commitment rates.


    Corner strip

    html/java script

    PopUp Ads

    Video Ads

    Floating Ads

    Layer Ads

    For additional enquiries, reach us through and we’ll have our representative get in touch with you.

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