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Abena Korkor opens up on how TV3 used and dumped her


Abena Korkor opens up on how TV3 used and dumped her

Abena Korkor is still enraged over how TV3, a subsidiary of Media General, ‘used’ her and dumped her elsewhere she didn’t intend.

According to a recent Facebook post, the media personality and social media influencer said that she was in the basic stages of launching a new chapter in her expanding life in fulfilment of a childhood desire, but it all vanished due to TV3.

See her full post;

“I left TV3 Ghana with so much hurt in my heart ❤️. It even sparked a relapse. They knew all about me and I thought I had found a company that understands and accepts me for who I am.

Owning a network like OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network has always been my dream since 12. I was elated when Apefa called me and offered my the role as a presenter on the Ladies Circle. I got more excited when Beatrice Agyemang said she was a fan.

I could boast with pride TV3 is an advanced establishment that accepted people living with mental health problems.
I have been waiting to study Global Mental Health and that would have gotten into my personal statement for admission. I was totally wrong. I was excused of my duty with no formal letter or explanation. Mr. Francis Doku said I didn’t deserve one because we didn’t have a contract.

How foolish I was ! Young graduates, don’t work for anyone without a legal binding contract. People will use and damp you when you need them most. I was later given a flimsy excuse that it was because of my lingerie pictures.
The very same lingerie that was used for an official montage for a show done on 14th February, 2021 or so. Eeeeei, this world people will never accept you for YOU.

They will come for will what benefit them. We are all parasitic in one way or the other. As you live, learn and be discerning so you can live abundantly. May God guide your path.”


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